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Quality assurance.

quadruple-length register:
Four registers that function as a single register. Synonymous with quadruple register.

quadruple register:
Synonym for quadruple-length register.

The expression of a two-dimensional object as a tree structure of quadrants which are formed by recursively subdividing each nonhomogeneous quadrant until all quadrants are homogeneous with respect to a selected feature, or until a predetermined cutoff depth is reached. Contrast with spatial-occupancy enumeration, octree. (Figure 55 - Quadtree).

Synonym for name qualification.

qualified name:
A data name explicitly accompanied by a specification of the class to which it belongs in a specified classification system.

quality assurance (QA):
The planned or systematic activities necessary to ensure that a component or system conforms to established technical requirements.

The process by which each value of an attribute in an image is approximated by a value from a given finite set of values.

To divide the range of a variable into a finite number of nonoverlapping intervals that are not necessarily of equal width, and to designate each interval by an assigned value within the interval; for example, a person's age is for many purposes quantized within a quantum (interval) of one year.

A byte that consists of four bits. Synonymous with 4-bit byte.

quasistable state:
In a trigger circuit, a state in which the circuit remains for a finite period of time at the end of which it returns to a stable state without the application of a pulse. Synonymous with metastable state.

A request to extract data directly or to derive them from a database, based on specified conditions; for example, a request to a reservation system for availability of a seat on a specific flight.

query language:
A data manipulation language for users to retrieve and possibly modify data in a database; for example, SQL.

A storage concept in which data are ordered in such a manner that the next data item to be retrieved is the one stored first. This concept is characterized as "first-in-first-out" (FIFO). (Figure 23 - Stack, queue, and double-ended list).

queued access method:
Any access method that synchronizes the transfer of data between the program using the access method and the input/output units, thereby minimizing delays for input/output operations.

The process of bringing a device or a system to a halt by rejection of new requests for work.

A byte that consists of five bits. Synonymous with 5-bit byte.

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