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XNOR gate:
Synonym for equivalence gate.

XOR gate:
Synonym for exclusive-or gate.

yellow pages:
In networking, a directory containing the electronic addresses of businesses organized by product or service. Contrast with white pages.

In data processing, the number that when added to or subtracted from any other number does not alter the value of that other number. Zero may have different representations in computers such as positively or negatively signed zero and floating-point zero (in which the fixed-point part is zero while the exponent in the floating-point representation may vary).

zero-address instruction:
An instruction that has no address part; for example: certain instructions for a stack machine, a HALT instruction.

To fill unused storage locations with the representation of the character denoting zero.

zero suppression:
(1) The elimination of non-significant zeros from a numeral. (2) The function that allows the process by which unwanted zeros are omitted from the printed or displayed result of a calculation.

z-fold paper:
Synonym for fanfold paper.

zig-zag fold paper:
Synonym for fanfold paper.

Synonym for e-zine.

An annular area of an optical disk. Synonymous with band.

zone punch:
A hole punched in one of the upper three card rows of a twelve-row punch card.

Progressively scaling the entire display image to give the visual impression of movement of display elements toward or away from an observer. The scaling value should be the same in all directions.