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A transmission by a data station beyond the time interval allowed by the protocol.

jabber control:
In a local area network, the ability of a medium attachment unit to automatically interrupt transmission to inhibit an abnormally long output data stream.

Deliberate insertion of signals or noise to prevent normal operation of a system.

jam signal:
The signal sent by a data station to inform the other data stations that they must not transmit. In CSMA/CD networks, the jam signal indicates that a collision has occurred. In CSMA/CA networks, the jam signal indicates that the sending data station intends to transmit.

A small, dynamic, and object-oriented language designed to generate intermediate code for a hypothetical machine. It is particularly popular for writing applets that can be interpreted from within an internet browser.

A standardized method of compressing and storing bilevel images. The abbreviation JBIG is derived from Joint Bilevel Image Expert Group.

job control language.

jewel box:
A clear plastic container used to package and store a CD. Synonymous with jewel case.

jewel case:
Synonym for jewel box.

(1) In data communications, short-term noncumulative variations of the significant instants of a digital signal from their ideal positions in time. (2) In computer graphics, undesirable vibration of a display image on a display surface.

A unit of work that is defined by a user and that is to be accomplished by a computer. The job defined by the user may include a set of programs, files, and job control statements for the operating system.

job control language (JCL):
An example of a command language.

job control statement:
A statement in a job that is used to identify the job or to describe its requirements to the operating system.

job step:
The execution of a program explicitly identified by a job control statement. A job may specify that several job steps be executed.

job stream:
The sequence of jobs or parts of jobs to be performed, as submitted to an operating system. Synonymous with input stream, run stream.

job transfer and manipulation (JTM):
In OSI, an application service element that enables applications to transfer and manipulate documents relating to processing tasks and to direct the execution of those tasks.

In databases, an operation of relational algebra that forms a new relation from two or more relations having common attribute domains for one or more attributes of each relation. The operation is based on the Cartesian product of the relations, and proceeds by combining rows from the original relations, that have identical values from the common domains.

In electronic mail, a transmittal event in which a message transfer agent combines several instances of the same message or probe, or several reports on the same message or probe.

joint information content:
A quantitative measure of information about the occurrence of two events x and y, equal to the logarithm of the reciprocal of their joint probability of occurance p(xy):
I(x, y)  =  log [1 / p(x, y)]

(1) A chronological record of data processing operations. The journal may be used to reconstruct a previous or an updated version of a file. (2) Loosly synonym for log. (3) In database management systems, the record of all stored data items whose values are changed as a result of processing and manipulation of the data.

In reliability, maintainability, and availability, to save into storage the internal status of a functional unit in the event of a detected error for the purpose of facilitating maintenance.

A locator or a pointing device that employs a lever with at least two degrees of freedom.

A standardized method of compressing and storing both color and gray scale images. JPEG is derived from Joint Photographic Experts Group.

job transfer and manipulation.

A functional unit that holds optical disks and is equipped with a mechanism for selecting and mounting them for reading and writing upon command from a computer. Synonymous with changer, optical library.

A departure from the sequential execution of instructions or statements. A jump is caused by an appropriate instruction or statement, in contrast to asynchronous interruption or interruption due to an exception where control is transferred to an exception handler.

jump instruction:
An instruction that specifies a jump.

(1) To align text horizontally so that the first or last characters, or both, of every line are aligned with their corresponding margins or to align text vertically so that the first and last lines of the text are aligned with their corresponding margins. The last line of a paragraph is often not justified. (2) To shift the contents of a register or of a field so that the significant character at the specified end of the data is at a particular position.

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