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Sequence of Entries

The entries in this dictionary are in alphabetical sequence. Only alphabetic and numeric characters are used to determine the sequence of entries; special characters and spaces between words are ignored. A few terms begin with a number; these terms and their associated definitions precede the alphabetical listing.

Organization of Entries

An entry consists of a term or its abbreviation followed by one or more definitions.

A term consists of one or more words identifying a concept.

Each definition is organized as follows:

Embedded Terms. In each definition of an entry, the first occurrence of a term of another entry is an embedded term. In this HTML version, these embedded terms are hotspot leading to the entry for that term or a term for another part of speech for which the concept is defined.

References, directing the reader to other entries or items in the dictionary, are usually indicated via reference labels.

Selection Of Terms

A term is one or more words by which a concept is known. In this dictionary, the singular form of the noun and the infinitive form of the verb are most often selected for the term. Common abbreviations may be given in parentheses following the term. The abbreviation is also entered in its alphabetical order in the dictionary. An abbreviation may be the primary term.

Purpose And Scope

This standard contains concepts used in information technology. In general, concepts or terms found in an everyday nontechnical dictionary are not included. Also, concepts and terms that are: a) from specialized areas of information technology, b) still in development, and c) of a parochial nature, are not necessarily incorporated in this standard. Inevitably, the rapid growth of the field of information technology precludes the standard from being exhaustive and final.


ISO/IEC International Standard 2382, Information Technology -- Vocabulary and associated working documents.

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